Friday, February 8, 2013

The Great Book Giveaway!

Always on the vanguard of that nebulous frontier where social media and innovation collide, The Literate Man (TLM) has crawled into the 21st century of book blogging and we've set our sights on yet another daring first:  we’re giving the people what they want.  And what do the people want?  Why, free books of course!  So let us welcome you to the first ever TLM Free Book Giveaway!  That’s right the TLM Free Book Giveaway! It is, without a doubt, the greatest free book giveaway in the history of the universe (we wouldn't use bold font if it wasn't).  So, we got that going for us, which is nice.  And it’s even nicer for the two lucky winners of this amazing contest.  Two very special people will receive free copies of At Drake’s Command, the terrific new novel by David Wesley Hill (click here to see review).  We’re big fans of the book and we're sure you will be to.  But that's not all, act now and three lucky runner-ups will also receive an electronic version for Nook or Kindle.  That's five free books being given away, folks!   

To enter for your chance to win you must:
1.    Be a follower of our blog (scroll down this page and click the blue Join This Site button on the lower-right side)
2.    Hit the comments section of this post and tell us the next book we should review on this site and why.  The best submissions (as judged by the brilliant editors at TLM) will not only see their book suggestions reviewed on this site, but will also win a free copy of At Drake’s Command. 
Please note: This contest is open internationally. It will close on Friday, February 22 at 11:59 PM (EST) and the winners will be notified via email shortly thereafter.

This contest couldn't be any easier!  So let us know what book you’re hankering to have reviewed on TLM and win yourself a free copy of a great book.  We can’t wait to start sorting through the millions of outstanding submissions that are sure to follow.  Thanks for following and happy reading!


  1. Just here to say loving the comp idea. as to a review, blimey how long a list do you require, or to be more accurate how short. How about some more poetry or maybe one of my favourite writers Sjon or Alberto Manguel or or or or.......

  2. Just a quick update regarding The Literate Man's Free Book Giveaway: thanks to the largesse of Temurlone Press, we will now be awarding three electronic versions of At Drake's Command for Nook or Kindle as runner-up prizes -in addition to the two hardback copies for the winners. Now, go get yourself a free book!

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  4. Love the blog, guys. Too few mens interests book blogs out there.

    It'd be great if y'all reviewed The Graveyard of Bitter Oranges," by Josef Friedhof. I haven't been able to find a copy translated from German, but have been reading excerpts in the Paris Review Daily. The darkness really piqued my interest.

    In any case, would also be very pleased to get my hands on a copy of Drake's Command (hardcover preferably, I'm one of the last holdouts against the e-book revolution).

    In any case, great blog. I've found several very good books through your reviews!

    Tom Lee
    Decatur, Georgia