Friday, July 16, 2010

Some Folks Like to Get Away, Take a Holiday from the Neighborhood, HOP a Flight to Miami Beach or to Hollywood ...

Ok.  That was a stretch, but it's slim pickins on the hop-related puns this morning.  It was either Billy Joel or Cyndi Lauper (I hop, you hop, we hop ...).  I do live in Miami Beach, and I think we can all agree that Billy Joel was the better choice in any case.

It's Friday again (where does the time go?  No, seriously, where does it go?  I only managed one measly post again this week--though it WAS a juicy addition), and that means that Crazy for Books is doing the book blogger hop all weekend long.  The cover is only $10 (send c/o The Literate Man in Miami), and I've been told that the band comes on at around 10.  So dive right in, check out all the excellent work being done around the world by your fellow lit-bloggers and leave a comment here and there to give them the attention that they so desperately crave props that they all deserve.

Jennifer's question this week is what book are you dying to get your hands on.  I'm going with that Book of Kells that sits in Trinity College in Dublin - that's got to be worth a pretty penny, right?  If anyone wants to send it along, I will happily split the cover money that I receive from this week's Hop.