Friday, July 9, 2010

I Hop (Lawyer's Note: The Literate Man has no affiliation direct or otherwise with the International House of Pancakes)

Is it Friday already?  So it is, which means that the Book Blogger Hop is goin' on over at Crazy for Books.  There's an astonishing number of great book-related blogs out there.  So head on over to the site, take a look around, do the hop, and help get the word out about The Literate Man.

A brief note to all the Literati--apologies for the lack of quantity this week.  My caseload has me seriously underwater at the moment.  But what we lack in numbers, we more than made up for in quality.  Read Sometimes a Great Notion ... seriously ... you'll thank me for it.

Also, while potentially anti-literary, you're all invited to stay with me in South Beach to experience the Miami Heat taking the next five NBA Finals in a row. 


  1. Stopping by from the hop. I do need your point of view. I am your new follower.

  2. Hello from the hop! I am a follower and I love getting a male POV in a land of female book bloggers (myself included)

  3. Hi, I read a book this week and considering your speciality toward lit. for men, I was wondering if you have heard of/read it. The book: The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread by Don Robertson. I would love to hear your thoughts - one of the blurbs on the book said it is a must read for every boy growing up to be a man.

    Oh, and are you a Heat fan? I don't know if this prevents any future contact. We are HUGE Mavs fans and we have not forgotten the Finals of 06.

  4. Good to see another male in this world of females. My blog is not specific to book reviews (will do movies, music, whatever floats my boat) but would appreciate if you could stop by when you cam. Am now one of your followers.

  5. BookQuoter, welcome and we'll do our best not to disappoint!

    Reading Rachel, thanks for stopping by! We've got a backlog of great guy-oriented fiction to put up (and I do not mean political thrillers ... not that there's anything wrong with that). I'll be checking your site as well!

    Hi Leah, I have heard of it but only in the most general positive terms. Is it worth a read (obviously, or you wouldn't be asking ... sorry, it's Monday). I'll definitely add it to the list.

    Slartibarfast, we are the few, the proud, the male book bloggers. I'm going to your site now. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Thank for your comment...and yes!!!! Toqui is now a Superstar and also me jajajajajaj!!!!! good blog my friend Patrick, keep going with the good work and good reading :)