Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We're HUGE in Australia!

Ok ... maybe that's an exaggeration.  But Becky over at Page Turners is Australian and, what's more, she's definitely the coolest book-blogging Australian that we've ever met.  More importantly, she likes us enough to print the brief "interview" that we put together in a fit of shameless self-promotion for her Lights Camera Blog Action series.  Check it out here.  Truth be told, we've had a nice little back-and-forth with Becky about Australian literature, which we can't get enough of.  Thanks, Becky! And don't forget to check out Page Turners--it's definitely worth your time.     


  1. Saw your interview on Page Turners and thought I would stop by. We were featured a couple weeks ago. My husband and I write our blog together. Maybe now that we know you, you can convince my husband he needs to read East of Eden!

  2. Thanks, Leah! What blog do you write? I'd love to check it out. I definitely encourage your husband to read East of Eden. It has no equal for epic scope, and does a better job of presenting the family relationships among men than any book I have read (except, perhaps, Sometimes a Great Notion). It takes a little persistence to get into the story, but once you're in, you're completely hooked. We should have a review up one of these days.

  3. Our blog is:

    Feel free to stop by and do some of that nudging we were talking about.

  4. Done and done. I'll be adding you to my list of regulars.